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Covid 19 - Together We Will Beat This

Posted by Jake Kerr on

We make no mistake in understanding the severity of the Covid-19 pandemic, which is why we are taking extra precautions to prevent spreading of the virus. Here at The Camera Graphic, we continue to operate from a single location here at our studio. None of our products are manufactured elsewhere, and extra safety practices has been put in place, such as more frequent santizing of work surfaces, and wearing disposable gloves with the handling and fulfillment of all orders. This should hopefully address any and all concerns you may have when placing an online order, as well as ensure you that all operations will otherwise continue as normal. Though you may at times experience longer than usual shipping times, our efforts and goals to ensure complete customer satisfaction remain our priority. We believe that open communication and transparency is key for this. If you have any questions, or need to reach us, please don't hesitate to do so by clicking our contact link, or writing:


We are all in this together, from each and every corner of the globe, and together we will beat this. 

- The Camera Graphic


July 31, 2020



July 31, 2020


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