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Never Put Business Second

Posted by Jake Kerr on

About two years after running The Camera Graphic, things began to change. There became this unavoidable family crisis, involving only me, really, and lots of things I now know were bad choices. I'm not talking about anything too serious here, but when you are at a high in your life - weather it be financially related or not, you began to change. You may not see it at first, in fact, your closest friends and family will bring it to your attention way before anyone else will, and even then you will probably think they are crazy - but it will bother you enough to want a second listen. In this world of e-commerce, we are all beautiful entrepreneurs - most without success at first, and it might be months or years until that success is even recognizably obtainable. But if there's one piece of advice I could give my earlier self, it would be to pay attention to the part of the journey where you are most hungry - the part where you know you can do this, and you know you're getting close, but you're still so hungry. This is the time when we focus on every decision we make, born within us is some sort of parental instinct, and we know baby is on the way, so we make the final changes to our brand, our plan of action and began to feel at ease, taking things slow and with a smile on our face. Remember these times, because once success does hit, and if you have that undeniable determination in you, it most definitely will. Your next big piece of advice is to not change so fast. Enjoy the fruits my friend, but do not eat so frivolously that you become blind to your own weakness. Tone it all back down, and if you are lucky to have the friends and family who care enough to offer you (in its simplest form) an intervention of advice. Attend and take notes. For if there's one thing at this point you cannot afford, would be to think you've got this all on your own. You put in a lot of effort, and its completely true. But the success did not come from you alone. This will make sense one day when day when you need support. And it will most likely come without you even asking for it – because your friends and family are your biggest supporters. They never stop watching you, they never stop knowing you. They aren't your fans loving your work, they are the brothers, sisters, moms and dads, uncles, aunts and grandparents who unconditionally will always love you. When you can see this, you've got so much less to worry about, and so much more to love. So now, carry on!


December 22, 2019

Well said.

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