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Why the London Tube Map is so Important

Posted by Jake Kerr on

Although originally rejected in 1931, an English draughtsman named Harry Beck proposed a radical change for the London Subway Map to replace the messy & cluttered original. In 1863, the first underground public transportation system was introduced in London, and several maps came with each new track addition. Though more (or less) accurate from a geology perspective, the maps were hardly easy to understand, as they were cluttered with tangled lines, and crammed with the writings of street names, tunnels and stations.A designer who understood this best was perhaps the man who would dedicate his spare time and without commission toward creating a map he thought would make a better replacement. After much skeptism, Beck's map was introduced to the public in 1933, and became an instant success. The design featured well-spaced circular markings and color-coded lines - neatly arranged to form a grid. His design would be a huge influence across the globe, as designers today, continue to incorporate elements borrowed from Harry Beck’s genius design. - Wiki

Beck's example is perhaps part of what keeps me inspired to continue to adapt new locations of public transit maps - from all over the world, with a goal to make each one a piece of art, and the best way to describe each finished result, would have to be a modern, minimalist transit map, derived from the original. 

Minimalist London Underground Tube Map


September 7, 2020



September 7, 2020



July 31, 2020



July 31, 2020


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